Ryan & Tristan Franks

Ryan & Tristan are the lead pastors of Journey church in Brandenburg, KY. They both originate from Kansas, where they met through the athletic department at Central Bible College, where Ryan completed his seminary & B.A. in Missions & Bible, M.A. from Lincoln Christian University, and is beginning his Ph.d later this year. Tristan completed her degree in Christian education and is beginner her M.A. in organizational leadership.

Through their energetic and practical preaching styles, vision casting and gifts of leadership, Ryan & Tristan encourage people to live out Journey’s mission of cultivating an authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ryan also currently serves as the Kentucky U40 Presbyter, the Kentucky U40 Director, the Assistant Presbyter for the central section, and is an instructor at the Kentucky School of Ministry. Ryan and Tristan love spending time with their two sons, Jensen and Ryder.